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Our mission at is to help you develop your personal survival plan or Emergency Preparedness Plan and to provide public awareness of disasters or other emergency events that could occur.  We have spend countless hours researching other websites and sources with goal of gathering data on different techniques, procedures and plans on how to develop a personal survival plan in case of an emergency.

We will develop some of the emergency preparedness tips and in some cases there will be links to sites that are found to provide essential and important information.

The information contained herein is the opinion of the author and may not necessarily reflect that of any sites linked or from other sources from which information is obtained and included.

Information will be given on various scenarios that are possible regarding the impact of such an event and how it may occur.  Disasters and emergency situations may be caused by natural causes or man made from social, political, or financial events.  Each will be reviewed.

As you perform your homework and research this topic either here or other places and discuss this with friends and relatives you will find many to scoff and dismiss this topic.  However, you can be assured that if you ever find the need to begin using your emergency preparedness plan, supplies or things that you learn during your research and the event is of such a magnitude that it affects more than just your household that those who dismiss this will be the first at your door wanting assistance.

Just as you buy insurance to protect your home, personal property, life, health, car, liabilities and other items with the hope that you never have to use it or some event will never occur, so is the logic of developing an emergency preparedness plan.  It is simply insurance on an event that you don’t plan nor want to happen but allows you to reduce your risk in the event that it does occur.  Any costs associated with your plan are the same as paying for insurance.

Our plans are for this website to be a work in progress with new information being posted and presented as it is found or changes so visit often to see what is new.

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