Magnitude of Events

Disaster and emergencies occur and affect us at different levels.

Consider a natual disaster such as a hurricane, blizzard or ice storm, it may affect a town, county, several counties or a state.  Whereas a EMP attack may affect us on a regional or national level.

The impact may be a partial loss of energy such as electricity and shortage of food and supplies as stores run out and can’t get resupplied.

With the local population size and optimization of inventory investments and space, store shelves will run out of food within two or three days during an emergency if not restocked.  With a true disaster/emergency situations that are the basis of this website it is most unlikely that they will be restocked.

Compound that with the panic of the people who will begin to hoard during an emergency event the stores will be depleted more quickly than normal.

I classify the disasters and emergencies in five categories

  • Level 1 is a event that affects you or your family personally
  • Level 2 is an event that affects your community, town or county
  • Level 3 is an event that affects a region such as an entire state or states
  • Level 4 is an event that affects the entire nation
  • Level 5 is an event that affects us globally

How you prepare and react to an emergency or disaster will be based on the level and impact of such an event.  How to prepare is discussed in the Emergency Preparedness articles.

The impact of a disaster or emergency can be of various degrees such as:

  • Personal injuries
  • water shortages
  • Loss of Shelter
  • Partial or complete loss of public energy/utilities
  • Divison of your support group
  • Food shortages
  • Loss of communications
  • Security threats
  • Social unrest

Though these might not be in order of importance they are close to being ranked on how to respond in the event they occur.

In addition to the geographic level and direct impact another variable is the duration or how long you will need to use your emergency preparedness plan.

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